b. 1987 Little Rock, AR. Lives and works in Oakland, CA.

Master of Fine Art in Painting San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, CA. 2013
Post-Baccalaureate. San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, CA. 2010
Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting and Ceramics. University of Oklahoma. Norman, OK. 2009
Studio Art Center International. Florence, IT. 2008

Solo/Group Exhibitions

Telematic Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
A Bonanza Retrospective: Charmed. Buffalo Center For Contemporary Art. Buffalo, NY.
The Young and the Restless, Reprise. Untitled Art Fair. San Francisco, CA. *
Whole Hole. Interface Gallery. Oakland, CA. SOLO

The Young and the Restless. Recology. San Francisco, CA.
Solar Step. Massman Gallery. Oakland, CA. SOLO
The Tender Gardener. The Mill. San Francisco, CA. SOLO
Opening the Trap . Interface Gallery. Oakland, CA.

Bonanza 16: Dyke, Ginger, Mexican. Interface Gallery. Oakland, CA.
Young Collectors Club II. R/SF Projects. San Francisco, CA.

Bonanza 11: No Holds Bar. Parking Lot Art Fair. San Francisco, CA. (forthcoming)
Soft Remove group show curated by Edmark and Adler. Syracuse University. Syracuse, NY.
Whose Child is This? Cutty Limits. Oakland, CA.

Real Time and Space. Minnesota Street Projects. San Francisco, CA.
Bonanza 10: Body Talk, di Rosa Gatehouse Gallery. Napa, CA.
no uniform, Interface Gallery. Oakland, CA.
Bonanza 9.5: WEEKEND WARRIORS w/ Savannah Rusher. Parking Lot Art Fair. San Francisco, CA.
Bonanza 9: Tech-orcism. 100% Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
Bonanza 8: What’s Going On (Featuring Four Non-Blondes). Tmoro Projects. Santa Clara, CA.
Bonanza residency with Little Paper Planes. San Francisco, CA.

Humor, Risk. Kathleen Cullen. Brooklyn, NY.
Bonanza VII: Eighteencharacters. Interface Gallery. Oakland, CA.
Bonanza 6: Glue & Screw. S:H:E:D: Projects. Oakland, CA.
Many Places at Once. CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art. San Francisco, CA.
Rhythm. ZooLabs. Curated by Jackie Im and Aaron Harbour, Et al. Oakland, CA.
For Wendy. The Mill. San Francisco, CA.
Trapper Keeper. City Limits Gallery. Oakland, CA.

Bon/anza 3: Dress for this. n/a gallery. Oakland, CA.
Heightened Subjectivity. Interface Gallery. Oakland, CA.
Bonanza 2.5: Windows Stay Gold. ATA Window Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
Bonanza 2: Thin Mints. The Old Mint. San Francisco, CA.
Sledgehammer. Diego Rivera Gallery. San Francisco, CA.

Bonanza. The Swell Gallery. San Francisco, CA.

Abstraction. Diego Rivera Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
Place in Space. Diego Rivera Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
Sketches. Diego Rivera Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
Yin. Drip Studios. San Francisco, CA.

Ir(rationalist). Kitsch Gallery. San Francisco, CA.


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Professional Experience
2015: Featured Artist for Little Paper Planes
2014: Lighting and Ambiance for The Thing Quarterly book release signing party.
2014: Lighting and Ambiance for Southern Exposure's 40th birthday party. San Francisco, CA.
2014 Oct: Artist talk at The Painting Salon. San Francisco, CA.  
2014 April: Artist talk at The Painting Salon with Bonanza. San Francisco, CA.
2014 Feb: Artist talk at SFAI with Bonanza. San Francisco, CA.
2012 Nov.- 2014 June: Content Production Coordinator at Art Practical. San Francisco, CA.  

Public Art
Ceramic tile wall for the Santa Maria Nuova Hostpital. Florence, IT. 2008

2009 Designed limited edition T-shirt for Rush Philanthropies. 
2009 Painting in Universal Pictures motion picture, "It's Complicated."